Tommy Trees  Stump Grinding Service

There are many reasons why you should  use Tommy Trees stump grinding services for your Orange County NY property. We have the best equipment to ensure your tree stump is grinded safely. We have the knowledge and expertise to make sure the stump is grounded with minimum disruption to your property.

Older tree roots take a long time to degrade.

Once a stump has been ground up, the roots deteriorate very quickly also. Roots connected to a stump seem to grow longer and can hinder planting shrubs, flowers, and various other landscaping features.

Tommy Trees stump grinding service uses the Rayco 1635 high quality stump grinder.

Suckers may emerge.

Some trees do not die when they’ve been felled, and will send up suckers the ensuing year. These kinds of suckers are a bit similar to the multi headed Greek “Hydra” and rather than coming back as one tree, will return as 10 or 20. Grinding down the stump and the thickest section of the root stump, stops the tree from developing into an unwelcome addition to your yard.

Why use Tommy Trees' stump grinding service?

Tommy Trees is insured.

Ask yourself what transpires if your landscaper or one of their workers gets hurt? Are these companies insured?

Grinding is the easiest and most efficient way to remove tree stumps.

Chemical applications can take several months or years to work.
Tommy Trees’ stump grinder can chew out the roots to well beneath the ground level. Grinding the stump is substantially faster and can usually be carried out in well under an hour.

Manually digging out tree stumps is very risky and labor intense.

Should you dig out your tree stump using a shovel, you are going to still have the huge stump to discard instead of small chips. Most land fills will not accept tree stumps. Grinding will leave you with a measured mound of compact chips and soil. You can utilize the resulting mulch to landscape.

Stump grinding will definitely make a much smaller hole rather than digging out the stump.

Grinding will create less disruption to the surrounding area and landscaping.
Ground out stumps are less likely to start re-growth of roots which can threaten sidewalks or foundations.

Protects infestations of bees, wasps, hornets, termites, other insects, or even larger animals.

Defends against further proliferating of diseased wood to healthy trees and shrubs.

Tree stumps are bad-looking and detract from the beauty and value of your home or business property.

Exposed stumps have the capability to be a safety hazard for slip and fall injury personal injury lawsuits.

Mowing your yard is going to be much easier, a lot quicker and safer.

A tree stump can also damage lawn mowers.

Your yard will have a well-maintained improved look and will appear larger.

Burning or dynamite are definitely out of the question but whatever you do, never hook a chain up to your car or truck and try to drag it out. Stumps have very deep-seated root systems and you could very well twist the frame of your truck and even set off the air bags. Chains can also snap causing damage to the vehicle or injury to nearby property or people.

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